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To say this app is a waste of money, is an understatement. Very poor quality resolution radar that is fixed over a particular metro area. Other apps allow you to expand or contract the view and look at other areas of the country. This app provides minimal weather information that can be found on numerous other sites. After paying to download it, and seeing what little it offers, I wouldn’t download now even if it were free‼️ Buyer beware❗️

Extra $8.00 for push notifications?!

I just purchased this app and it crashed while I was attempting to read through the FAQ's. Hit #1. Then I reopened it and was clicking through everything else and was moderately pleased because I assume it's going to be more accurate for us than TWC's or AN5's apps. HOWEVER, I never would have purchased this if I'd known it would be an extra $8.00 to get severe weather alert push notifications on my phone!!! In Memphis, that's one of the main things you need! Hit #2. At least I'm only out $1. I'm so, so, so disappointed.

Love it

My most reliable source for weather!

Abso-freaking-lutely AMAZING!

The best weather app for the Memphis Metro area (and beyond) with the most current weather information! Accurate. Easy. Convenient. And the StormWatch+ is phenomenal. I will never be surprised by severe weather ever again!

Easy to use and helpful

This app is straight-forward and easy to use. I prefer it to other "national" weather applications.

"Your specific location"

Does not have specifics for Collierville or Germantown.

Must Have App!

Once configured, this app works great during severe weather. I not only have my locations, I have my mom's location so I can keep up with her, and alert her if I need too. This is a must have App for everyone!

Save your money

Save your money! The map is very poor, zoom limited and will not track your location. Use the NWF app it's free. Gave it 3 stars because its so simple a caveman can use it.

Best Weather App for the Mid-South!

The new app update has more on the home screen, including the radar and a 'share' button for Twitter, Facebook and e-mail! This makes the app even easier to use as the radar is one of the top things I look for when I used the old version. Also the addition of the #mspotter button allows for quick sharing of the size of hail, funnel clouds, wall clouds, or any pictures of the weather that help others see how serious the storms are! As a school administrator this app is crucial for when we are in bad weather!

Great app for weather nerds!

The origional app was great ( even better after a few bugs worked out). The update is fantastic. Love the large landscape view radar.

Waste of $.99

Once you buy the app you then have to pay an additional $4.99 to get the weather alerts. What a scam!

Epic meets simplicity

This is one of the best weather apps available in the App Store! Loading the weather info or the radar doesn't take half a day over 3G like some other apps, and the addition of clear warning boxes makes it invaluable for weather while on-the-go. The whole design is simple, clean, and intuitive. AND it's only 99¢! Like I said, epic!

Can see radar in motion easily

This app works way better than the channel 3 & channel 5 apps for iPhone and costs less than getting skyfire to try to see those other ones better.

great app!

been waiting on this one and was definitely worth he wait!

Solid app!

A great app with great data. I hope for the forecast to be easier to glance at and get data, without having to read so much.

Great weather app

Hands down the best weather app for the mid-south. Great job!

The "Weather Essentials" App for Memphis

This application provided by Memphis Weather.Net displays timely and accurate weather data for the Memphis and Mid-South area. With current conditions, StormView radar, Erik's own forecast, and a built in Twitter feed-all in an ad-free environment!-this app is well worth the $0.99. As the title says, this app truly gives you the "Weather Essentials" you need for the Memphis area in an organized, and well-designed app for viewing on the go. I run the app on a second generation iPod Touch (currently with iOS 4.2) and, even in the first release version I have encountered no bugs whatsoever; it works flawlessly. Thanks for a great app! -Aaron A

Great App to the best Memphis Weather Resource

Fast loading maps and conditions, plus the quick access to the twitter feed/forecast make this a must own for everyone living in the Memphis area!

Must-Have App

Simply put: This app offers quick and easy access to an updated radar and a reliable forecast for the Mid-South. No need for the "big" weather apps anymore.

Excellent Weather app

I've been following MWN's tweeds for the last year and found Erik to be the most accurate an educational source for weather in the mid-South. His new iPhone app is great. Quick and simple. A definite buy.

Great, Accurate Info ALL The Time

I have been following Erik's forecasts for 2+ years. Always accurate and usually more timely than the mass media outlets. This app will replace the native iPhone wx app as well as Weather Channel's because it's all I need to know for dressing the kids for school or heading out to the ball field. Well worth the $.99!

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